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Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea Menu

– all prices excluding GST + Delivery –

 A wide variety, including a mix of savouries, fresh sandwiches and sweet baking.

Min 10 people, 2 items for $7.50 per person for chefs selection - including muffin, scone or fruit and a hot savoury

Min 8 people, 3 items for $10.30 per person for chefs selection - including muffin, scone or fruit, hot savoury and a cocktail sandwich 

Minium of 10 people, Afternoon tea platter $7.50 per person includes cheese, crackers, grapes and dips

Hot savouries - $3.50

Gourmet homemade sausage rolls, assorted flavours - examples including:

Chicken and bacon
Greek lamb, kumara
Beef, bacon and chorizo
Chili bean, kumara & spinach (v)
Asian pork and spring onion
Satay chicken

Handmade pizza, examples including,

Caramelised onion and feta pizza, with rosemary oil
Chorizo salami, tomato, red onion with basil pesto

Gourmet Baker Boys mini pies and quiches, assorted flavours
Pinwheel savories with bacon, cheddar and relish
Bacon and egg pie

Baked frittata, examples including,

Roast vegetable with Danish feta
Potato, bacon and red onion

Smoked chicken, cranberry and brie quiche
Vegetable samosa with mint + yogurt dipping sauce
Butter chicken pastries

Freshly baked slices & treats $3.00 each

Dark chocolate brownie, flavours including,

American chocolate fudge
Peanut chocolate fudge
Orange chocolate fudge

White chocolate brownie, flavours including,

Raspberry, lemon
Vanilla, pecan

Moist three-layer lemon and coconut slice
Wholegrain ginger crunch
Louise slice
Caramel slice, either caramel oaty or chocolate caramel
Texan slice, coconut, nuts and chocolate
Lemon curd shortcake
Prune, apricot and walnut caramel slice
Dark chocolate and peppermint slice

Special dietary slices, examples including,

Vegan brownie
Gluten free Texan slice, coconut, nuts and chocolate
Gluten free American fudge brownie
Gluten free white chocolate and pecan brownie

Gluten free & vegan snickers slice  

Glutern free & vegan pinky slice 

Cocktail Sandwiches $2.80 each

Classic Edible Solutions club sandwiches with assorted fillings
Roll up sandwiches with smoked salmon, watercress and cream cheese
Fresh asparagus roll ups with cream cheese and lemon (seasonal)
Finger sandwiches with smoked chicken, lettuce, cream cheese cranberry and roasted garlic aioli
Mini cheese muffins filled with chorizo salami, camembert cheese and sundried tomato
Finger sandwiches:

  • Smoked chicken, lettuce, cream cheese cranberry an roasted garlic aioli

  • Bacon, tomato, cheddar, salad leaves and roasted garlic aioli 

  • Beef, cheddar salad leaves mustard and pickles

  • Ham, smashed egg. Tomato and salad leaves

  • Roast vegetables, cheddar, salad leaves and pesto 

Warm muffins & friands $4.00 each

Sweet muffins, examples including;

Lemon syrup and coconut muffins
Apple banana and chocolate muffins
Blueberry and buttermilk muffins
Raspberry and white chocolate muffins
Black dorris plum and white chocolate muffins
Dark chocolate muffins filled with jam and cream cheese

Friands, examples including;

Almond vanilla and raspberry
Chocolate, cherry and almond
Toasted coconut and banana
Vanilla butterfly cakes with vanilla cream and raspberry jam

Savory muffins, examples including,

Cheddar, spring onion and bacon 

Roast vegetable and cheddar 

Freshly baked cakes $4.00 per piece

Hummingbird cake with lemon cream cheese icing
Carrot and pineapple cake with toasted walnuts
Chocolate mud cake
Banana cake with chocolate icing
Prune dream cake with coconut topping

Freshly baked biscuits $3.00 each

Monte cream biscuits with vanilla icing and raspberry jam filling

Fruity Anzac biscuits

Melting moments with lemon butter icing

Pistachio and white chocolate chunk cookies

Chocolate chunk cookies

Vanilla shortbread

Scones $4.00 each

Original Edible Solutions scone with whipped cream and jam or lemon curd

Apricot and almond scones with vanilla cream and apricot jam 

Date and orange scones with soft butter

Lemon, pistachio and currant scones with either jam or lemon curd

Roast vegetable and cheddar 

Savoury vegetarian scone with spinach, feta and cheddar 


Dietary Requirements

We cater for dietary requirements including vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, vegan. Just let us know when placing your order. Many of our menu items can be altered to suit special dietary needs.

SPECIAL DIETARY REQUESTS - extra $1.00, charge per item.

Delivery, Drinks, Staff & Equipment

We can provide everything you need to ensure your event is a success. From hot & cold drinks, to staff and equipment hire - we’ve got you covered. 

We also offer delivery in and around the Hamilton area. For more details, click the button below. 

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